Thursday, February 26, 2009


My sister-in-law Anna just had a baby boy today!! Yay!!! She did not find out prior to the baby being born what she was having...and the nurses/doctors today were talking about the baby in "she/her's"...but it was a BOY!!! Arturo Jose came out weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and was 21 inches long. Anna had a C-section, so we have not heard how she is doing, but daddy Arturo is beyond excited!!!!! And so are we up here in Minnesota (oh...Anna lives in Florida). The other exciting thing about the baby being born today is that it is Auntie Jenni's 21st birthday today. Talk about a birthday present, huh?! She and her fiance Chris are actually down in Florida right now visiting the Florida contingent. Lucky them that they get to see the baby right away. How I wish we could go down and meet our new family member right away, but we will get to see him soon enough! Well, that's all for safe out in that snow!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Brendan Update

He's on the move...well, in his walker that is. He usually is fine and dandy cruising and exploring the kitchen area, but the other day he decided to get a change of scenery. While I was doing some household chores, B was enjoying his usual walk around the kitchen. All of a sudden I realized that it had gotten awfully quiet and went to find out what he was up to. I didn't find him right away and was completely surprised to find him in the sun room. He had never crossed over from the kitchen to any of the carpeted areas before...but I guess he was ready! Here is Mr. Pibb guarding B from danger :D B was so excited about his new exploring territory! He is just getting so big...
In this picture, you will see one of B's fav things to do with the coffee table! We used to house magazines and our books in the cubbies that make up our coffee table, but B started to explore them forcefully and in the process destroyed some mags, so they are all now safely tucked away elsewhere. He loves to peak through the cubbies now!

He has become such a messy eater, well I guess because he likes to feed himself now! Cheerios were added to the mix and now chunkier bits of fruits and veggies occupy his eating time as he tries to pick them up and put them in his mouth. So cute!

Toys, toys, toys...this is the mess that is his toy playing area in the living room. He really hasn't picked up crawling yet, but he sure gets around by rolling and scooting just fine! He's a busy guy...and actually more recently (the last couple of days) he doesn't really want to sit and play, he would rather stand up (with my help) and grab at other things or walk around the house holding my hands. Silly boy!

Another picture evidence of his fascination with the coffee table...
And....drum roll please...his teeth are coming in! Ok, I'm not really sure if I should be rejoicing or crying, because he's getting ALL 4 (two top and two bottom) first teeth right now. He is miserable at nighttime or really whenever the pain meds wear off. We had a very long night Monday night with a long screaming, crying, inconsolable time from 9 p.m. til midnight. Last night was much better, but I was proactive in calming the pain before it even got a chance to get out of hand!

Well, that's it from us right now...Lots of Love and Hugs to all our friends and fam out in blogland :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

8 months...or Where does the time go...

We took Brendan to get pictures taken yesterday at Wal-Mart. He started out the session in a very serious mood, but after a little walk around the "studio" he warmed up and we got some very cute photos (if you ask me :D). Two of the outfits are items that we picked up for B in Tokyo; the items being the Totoro Hat and Bib and the "Ninja" outfit. LOVE IT!!! I can't wait for him to fit into some of the other clothing items we picked up for him in Tokyo...we have a really cute Mickey Mouse outfit that will be super duper cute!!!
So, at 8 months Brendan:
*scoots all around the house by rolling and "shuffling", but has yet to really crawl.
*loves to walk while someone is holding his hands
*loves to walk in his walker...chasing Pibb and opening drawers
*wears 9 month, 12 month and 12-18 month clothing
*wears size 3 diapers
*wears size 1 and 2 shoes
*has turned into a complete momma's boy...gotta love that seperation anxiety, huh!
*had a little "accident" and is no longer allowed to sit on the couch by himself...
*is sleeping through the night again...whew...
*grabs at anything and everything that catches his eye...he especially loves remotes
*has started to use a high pitch squeal when he's having fun and wants to let us know about it...he is also making more sounds; ba, ma, mmmmmm, ow, awww, ya
*enjoys a whole menagerie of food...blueberries, peaches, mangos, corn, sugar snap peas, peas, broccoli, cherries, sweet potatoes, sqaush, cereal, and rice crackers that we got at the Japanese Mall in Chicago
*is most ticklish under his chin :D
*likes to stick out his tongue and aslo rub his tongue on his bottom teeth...which have yet to show up, but are just under the surface waiting to make their debut
*is now 27" long and roughly 22-24 pounds
I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but I will update if/when I think of others to include.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh January, we barely knew thee...

Wow...where oh where did January go? Life is moving at the speed of light it seems. I wish I had a magical remote so that I could slow it down a bit. Yeah, that would be nice!

It is the first Monday of the month and as promised, I am going to "blog" about how my healthier lifestyle is going. It's amazing how quickly you can move back into old habits...and that is what January did to me. Oh, ok, I did it to myself, but what can ya do? The first week of working out went really well, I made it on the treadmill 4 or 5 times that week. The next couple of weeks was a different story...B decided to change up his sleeping schedule, so my life kinda got out of whack. Last week was a good working out week for me, so I'm back on track. As for eating better, that too is going as well as I'm letting it, but I am definately making more wise choices of stuff to eat. I know that I said that I was going to post my current weight on the first Monday of the month in accordance with Cathy Z, but we still have not found a Wii Fit and I refuse to keep a "real" scale in the no weight in here this month.

In other more entertaining Lindberg Family news...tune in tomorrow for B's 8 month old post and a recap of our weekend!