Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another trip to visit Mickey!!!

This past weekend (Thursday the 19th thru Sunday the 22nd) we (Grant, Brendan, Connie, Jim, Grandma Dorothy and me) headed down to Florida to surprise brother-in-law Arturo for his birthday. We had a fantastic time down there hanging out with everyone, Anna, Audriana, Arturo and little A.J. We packed so much into the few days we had with them...going to the Magic Kingdom on Friday, the boys went fishing while we ladies went shopping on Saturday morning and then to Disney Hollywood Studios Saturday, character breakfast at the Contemporary and shopping before going to the airport and flying home on Sunday. Brendan even got his first haircut at the Magic Kingdom on Friday!!! Here are a few of the hundreds of pictures we took on our fabulous trip:

Brendan getting his first haircut at the barber shop at the Magic Kingdom. He did great and looks so handsome with his short hair.

Enjoying a Mickey ice cream bar.

Tickling his cousin A.J.'s toes :D

Hanging out with Donald Duck at the character breakfast.

Giving Minnie Mouse kisses...he is in love with Minnie I think. He wouldn't stop hugging and kissing her and even gave her a little push, too.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Update in Pictures (for the Fosse Fam :D)

It has been far too long since I've had the time to post here, so without futher ado...here are some recent pictures from the Lindberg family:

Brendan and Mickey at the Expo.

The Fam at Disneyland.

Brendan got to go to the petting zoo and made sure to give kisses to each and every goat there...everyone was watching him and giggling/laughing.

Riding the train around the park!

Not my best shot, but Brendan with Daddy at the Magic Kingdom!

Update in Pictures (for the Fosse Fam :D)

Getting ready to watch the Twins game.

Everyone gathered at our house to cheer on the Twins.

Snuggling with "Gigi" during the Twins game.

Cheering on cousin John at his football game.

Go Johnny!!! :D

Update in Pictures (for the Fosse Fam :D)

Laughing with Great Grandpa Kruschel...awwww!

Haning with Governer Tim Pawlenty at the Mall of America!

Having fun at Underwater Adventures...we bought a family membership so that we can go whenever we want!!! B LOVED IT!!!

Checking out the fish...

Touching a starfish...although he didn't really like it that much :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update in Pictures (for the Fosse Fam :D)

Brendan and his friend Megan...watch out, heartbreaker in the making! :D I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

Our playgroup Halloween Party...not everyone is in the picture cause at this age, we just can't seem to get them to all sit down at the same time!

Cute, huh?!?!?!

Baby Yoda (or OH-da as Brendan says) at the Early Childhood Halloween Party.

Playing cars with a bunch of boys at the ECFE party!

Update in Pictures (for the Fosse Fam :D)

B on the Anderson Farm picking out pumpkins.

Carving our Halloween pumpkins

Getting read to Trick or Treat as Figment

With Mommy on Halloween

The 3 Muskateers :D