Thursday, May 27, 2010

He is 2 today!

6 months old...
1 year old...
18 months old...
And now 2 years old!

My how time flies when you are having so much fun. I can't believe he's been in our lives for 2 years now. Seem like forever and also such a small amount of time all wrapped up into one package. He is an amazing kid...what parent doesn't think that?

At 2 years old he...

*is so into Thomas trains. Well, trains in general I guess. We can't get into the car without him asking to see choo-choos. Whenever he hears one blow it's horn, he puts his hand to his ear and says "Choo-choo!" followed by putting his hand over his mouth and saying "All Aboard!".
*Loves to go in the boat and fish with us. He hasn't quite got the hang of fishing...he's too busy finding things he can throw into the lake!
*Has been sleeping in a "Big Boy Bed" since Saturday. We weren't really all that concerned on getting him in one, but I found a fantastic car bed with a mattress at a sale and we decided to try it out right away. No problems whatsoever. Whew! He loves to sleep in his car!!
*Has been having lots of play dates with his friends. We had everyone over here on Tuesday and it was so great to watch the kids play and slide down the slide and swim in the pool and run through the sprinkler. B definitely enjoys playing outside with his buddies.
*Will be going to his last day of ECFE classes until the fall today. We are bringing in cupcakes for snack time...and will miss the teachers and new friends we met this year at class.
*We will be getting together with friends more informally throughout the summer. We are so excited about not being on a set schedule and we'll most likely be heading out to the Mora and Rush City pools, the Princeton Splash Pad and hopefully the Children's Museum and the Como Zoo all throughout the summer. Can't wait!
*is wearing size 2T and 3T clothes and size 7-8 shoes.
*is wearing size 5 diapers...potty training is not even on the radar yet. I'm not pushing it!
*is hopefully done with teething. His 2 year molars made their debut a few weeks ago and so I hope that the terrible teething time is over!

Well, that's all this mommy brain can really think about for now...we are so thrilled to have this fun, exciting and funny 2 year old in our lives!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Duluth May 2010

Excited about seeing the BIG choo-choos!

WOW! Mo choo-choo, mo choo-choo...

Grant and B checking out the view from a steam engine!

Brendan enjoying the Roller Derby Action!

On our way home, we stopped at a store in Danbury and B HAD TO HAVE this Buzz Lightyear fishing pole. He's already for the fishing opener!!!

Last weekend we packed up and took a little road trip up to Duluth. We figured it had to be now or we wouldn't be able to get Brendan up there to visit the train museum for a long time and he needed to see the train museum! It was a BLAST!!! We started our day at the train museum where B was in heaven...running from train to train exclaiming "Mo choo-choo, Mo choo-choo", exploring the insides of some of the trains and even playing with some Thomas trains for a short time. He was not happy when we had finished up and were leaving, to say the least. After visiting the museum, we went to one of Grant's favorite CD stores the Electric Fetus and then out to lunch at Pizza Luce. While at the CD store, Grant was not able to find a CD he was looking for that you can ONLY buy at that store and so we asked the ladies working the checkout counter about it. They looked, but were out of the CD by the band Cars and Trucks. The lady said "I'm on a roller derby team and they are playing during half times tonight, you should come!" While we were at lunch we pondered this rare oppourtunity and decided to buy tickets and experience our first roller derby and B's first rock concert. WE HAD A FANTASTIC TIME!!! Great family entertainment, good music and just a different part of life experienced.

We stayed the night on Saturday night at the Country Inn and Suites by Spirit Mountain and had a wonderful hot tub (or pool for Brendan) room. B loved "swimming" in it and Grant and I also got to relax in it with him for a while.

All in all we had such a great time...