Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures of B at 10 months

wearing his new CranioCap...helmet....awwww!!!
Playing with toys at Gillette Children's Hospital before his helmet and PT appointments

After eating a little bit of an oreo cookie....while out fishing!!!

Touching his first Crappie!!! He LOVES to touch the fish...

My cutie patootie little man...I <3 him!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brendan at 10 months

My little man is now 10 months old. I know I say this each and every month, but I can't believe he's 10 months old already!!! UGH...that means in 2 measley months he'll be 1 year old. And I know I've said this before, too, but you hear that time flies when your children are growing up, but this is ridiculous!!!

So, Brendan at 10 months old...

*weighs about 22-23 pounds and is around 28 inches long.

*wears 12 month, 12-18 month and 18 month clothing. Size 2 or 3 shoes. Size 3 (moving up to 4 soon) diapers.

*got fitted for his CranioCap (aka...helmet) on his 10 month "birthday" and he is soooooo super cute in it I can't stand it *hehehe* He will wear this for the next 2-4 months...however long they deem it will take for his head shape to look evened out.

*had a light switch turn on on his 10 month "birthday" and started babbling constanty "dadadadada-ee" "ta" "to" "ish" "tish" "do" and continues to say "momma" "momm"

*also started walking around using furniture to stand up. He can pull himself up, bend over and pick things off the ground, roll from his back to sitting position and vice versa with ease and CRAWL all over the place. He is never in the same spot we set him down in for very long and is frequently across the room in a matter of seconds.

*is getting more teeth breaking through and therefore has not been the best sleeper.

*due to not sleeping the best, we have been spending tons of time outside where we like to go to the park and slide on the slides and swing...he loves being outdoors!

*LOVES TO EAT...whatever we put in front of him!

*LOVES TO TAKE BATHES...he especially likes to play with toys that squirt water and has even started to put his face down into the water a bit. He always has a HUGE smile on his face when he comes back up...which is super cute when there are bubbles on his face :D

*cannot stay away from his puppy, Mr. Pibb. Those two are inseperable at times...and we are so very lucky that Mr. Pibb is such a well behaved dog and does not mind when B grabs the hair on his his snout or by his ears...