Monday, August 9, 2010

August is here...recent pictures to enjoy!

Helllllooooooo August! I can't say it enough...where does the time go?!? It seems like time is going by WAY too quickly and there is nothing to do about it! We are having a great summer, to say the least. The 3rd week in July my sister-in-law's family drove up from Florida to spend the week with us...B played his little heart out the whole entire time and was just a little bit lost when they cousins headed back home. The weekend after that, Grant headed up to Lake of the Woods with his dad and some friends for a long weekend fishing trip. The fishing was tough, but Grant did catch and release his personal best muskie, a 52-inch beauty! While they were in Canada doing the fishing thing, B and I got to spend time with my family at the annual Lanesboro biking trip. What a great time that was! My immediate family and my mom's brother's family all stay in a beautiful cabin down there. My cousin Brandon has 2 daughters and the youngest was born the day after Brendan...I call them the twins. They were fast friends and had a great time riding in the bike trailer a few times together. (They were holding hands, tickling each other and just giggling up a storm!) This past Saturday we had a full family day out; we started in Lakeville at the "Day out with Thomas" event where you can ride on a real Thomas train, then we went to the Mall of America to visit the sharks at Underwater World and have lunch, then we headed to Cannon Falls to attend the wedding of Grant's college roommate. It was a hot ceremony, but very beautiful! I end with a few pictures from these events!

B and Tali all ready to go in the bike trailer!

The youngest generation; Liam, Tali, Layney, Emma and Brendan!

The whole Thon/Kruschel crew this year!

So excited to see Thomas and go for a ride!

Checking out the Alligator gars at Underwater World!