Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Crafty

Thanks to a scrapbooking/Facebook friend, I stumbled upon the very addictive world of crafting blogs. Very dangerous, but very fun! Since that time, I have begun to follow a plethora of talented crafty bloggers to get ideas for some really fun crafts. (I'm up to 19 blogs so far with new ones popping up every day...) I've made a few projects for some crafty fun:

Brendan's Tool belt ala Make it and Love it

A Wonderpets Cape ala Sprout Online

Thrift store shirts into...
A girl's spring outfit...I used this tutorial to make the skirt Make it and Love it and took tips from a few different blogs for the fabric flowers on the "broach".

I'm entering this outfit in Family Pathways' Re-purposing Contest! Wish me luck ;D

I have a few more projects that I'm also working on/beginning work on:

1. a Pirate Vest for B...he's so into Pirates right now (thanks to Disney Junior's new show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates")

2. This vest: Make it and Love it - Reversible Vest for B for Easter. I found a women's seer sucker green and white skirt and a white linen shirt at the Shalom Shop (church run thrift store in town) for a grand total of $3 to use for this project. My sister made her son one and liked how it turned out...can't wait to start on mine! I'm also going to make B a bow-tie from this tutorial here: Delia Creates - Li'l Mister Bowtie

3. These hot and cold packs from Just Another Hang up. The Chick-sicle and the Love Bird

Stay tuned for other great ideas from the crafty blog world...I am OBSESSED!!!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random Stuff

*This past week was BRUTAL! B had a cold starting late the week before, and by Monday night was running a very high fever (105 an hour after giving him a bath and ibuprofen). We called into the clinic and they had us give him 1/2 tsp. more of the ibuprofen and 1 1/2 tsp. of Tylenol...wait 30 minutes and see if that brought the fever down. It did thankfully...and it looked like it was gone the next morning. Tuesday late afternoon=more fever (luckily nothing as high as the night before and the meds were doing their job of bringing it down), then Wednesday morning no fever, but after lunch = fever shot back up to 103.5. I brought him in to the same day clinic as it was just not going away (he also had a very runny nose, watery, bloodshot eyes and a bad cough). We went in and the Doctor checked him out. She was saying that she wouldn't be able to determine what was wrong with him until after he had had the fevers for 48 hours...I told her that it had been 48 hours and she immediately ordered all the gambit of tests. We got to do a strep test, blood draw and chest x-rays. We went back to see the doctor and she said the tests didn't really show anything. Go home and keep giving him the ibuprofen/Tylenol, but come back tomorrow if his fever reaches anything over 102.5. So we went home. Around 4:45 she called us and wanted us to come right in to get a urine sample. We went right in...and just barely got enough pee in the cup for the test (I'm thankful that we have been "working" on potty training with B...he's not totally getting it yet, but he knows at least what to do when he's on the potty). We went back to the Doctor's office and waited for the test to come back. There were levels of things in his urine that suggested he was fighting some type of infection somewhere, so we left with a prescription in hand. And get this...It is is FIRST EVER PRESCRIPTION. Weird, crazy huh?!? I can't believe we made it almost 3 years without one prescription for this little boy!!! We are very blessed with a healthy child, that's for sure. :D And the antibiotics have done their job. He hasn't had a fever since Thursday night and he is definitely feeling better!!!

*Both Grant and I also caught whatever B had, but not as bad...

*We are 3-5 weeks away from adding the newest Lindberg to the family. We're still narrowing down names, getting the nursery ready and I've been cleaning out a few closets around here to fill out my general nesting instincts!

*I am obsessed with blogs right now that have tutorials for re-purposing/sewing/making fun things for kids. I have a few projects brewing in my brain right now that just want to be made...hopefully I can get one done this week to enter in the Re-purposing Contest at Family Pathways!

*B, Grant and I are all DYING to go to Disney World.

*B is also obsessed with Target (the store), Pirates, Lego guys, Trains, Dinosaurs, helping to bake things in the kitchen and just about anything else that catches his eye day to day right now.

*B's sense of humor has really taken wing lately. Last night we found him in his playroom, watching a movie with his diaper on his head...A few weekends ago, his nose was runny and out of nowhere he says "Hey, get back here nose!" and giggled at himself...He's also told me to turn down my music in the car "Cause I can't read my choo-choo paper!"; while I was laughing hysterically he said "I funny, mommy?". Yes you are little buddy, yes you are!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

31 Weeks...

I am now 31 weeks along in my second pregnancy. It's too early yet, but I am so ready to be done being pregnant! It feels like I've been pregnant FOREVER this time around for some strange reason. I think it has to do with the fact that I've had gestational diabetes for most of the pregnancy. Watching most all of the things that I put in my mouth...counting the number of carb choices I can have per meal. And I'm SOOOO hungry all the time, I feel like this time around. I have been walking on the treadmill at least 4-5 times a week to help control the GD, but I still need to take insulin before I go to bed at night to help with my "fasting" blood sugar numbers in the morning. Since I am taking insulin, I will be induced at around 38 weeks for sure. Brendan decided to come on his own on the first day of my 36 week...so, I have between 5 to 7 weeks we figure before this baby is born. WHEW I am so not ready!!! ;D

I cannot wait for Brendan to meet his new brother. We have yet to figure out a name of our second bundle of joy, but as B informed me this afternoon "We figure it out at hospital." He's just too smart sometimes! :D On the Brendan front, he is now in his big boy bedroom and the switch has been great. We decided to leave the "nursery" as the "nursery" (a bedroom right across the hall from our room) and to move B to the extra bedroom just down the hall. It took some cleaning and rearranging, but it is done and he loves his new room. We are looking forward to him starting preschool in the fall...got him all signed up and in the morning section we were hoping for at Cambridge. He is so excited and so am I. He will even have a few of his best friends in the same section (hopefully the same class, too!) and us mommies will be able to get a much needed break and "mommy time" on Tues/Thurs this fall.