Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My My How Times Flies

It really amazes me how quickly time flies when you are having fun! The last time I posted on this here blog, it was the beginning of August. What felt like forever ago now, but yet not in some is now the END of September. Oh. My. Gosh! To say we are busy around here is an understatement. We've been to 4 weddings since the last post. Wedding #1 was in Cannon Falls, Wedding #2 was in Roseau, Wedding #3 was in Minneapolis/Burnsville and Wedding #4 was in Gaylord/Chaska! We've been crisscrossing this great state of ours for some wonderful celebrations :D

Brendan and I have started back up with our Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE for short) classes again and it is going so well! We are in a class that the parent and child split up for a portion of the class time. Last year we were also in this sort of class, but B did not do too well with the separating. This year he is an old pro and do so well when it is time for us to part. He loves going to school and playing with all of his friends. It is so much fun when we come back together after our parent class is finished and he gets the giggles because I have come back to him. He's such a sweetie!

In other news...Brendan is super excited because, HE'S GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!! :D Baby Lindberg #2 is due May 7, 2011. We are doing great, but it still has not sunk in quite yet that there will be 2 little ones in our house in a few short months. AHHHHH! If you ask B is he wants and baby brother or a baby sister, he always says "baby sis". (All of his friends have baby sisters, so I'm sure that's where he is getting that from) We will find out when it comes time to have the ultrasound what the sex of the baby is...Grant and I are planner people and cannot not find out! ;D

Well, that's all for now, Happy October everyone!