Thursday, June 11, 2009

B on the Boat

The fisherman in his natural habitat! :D
Doing good here...he just got done eating his dinner and was enjoying the scenery.

I've had it with this thing on me!!!!

So, we finally did it. We took B out in the boat on Tuesday night. He really enjoyed when we took off across the lake, flying over the water (for the most part). He liked leaning over the side of the boat (with mommy hanging on to his life vest and legs) to see into the water when the boat was not moving. He loved watching Grant cast his line out and reel his lure back to the boat. We had fun finally getting him into the boat. We launched the boat at about 6ish and by about 7:30 he was done! He was sick of wearing his life vest and tired of me catching him before he got into something he didn't need to be in to. All in all, though, he did great and we can't wait to go out as a family again!