Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ramblings of a Saturday Morning

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Cambridge, MN. I have some quiet time going on here, so I have a moment to write some stuff down here!
First of all...Brendan is offically 1 month old. It's so crazy to think that he has been apart of our family for a whole month...while it feels like he has been with us forever. So cool. He is growing in leaps and bounds. Here's a list of things he can do at 1 month!
*turn over on his side
*cry real tears
*smile like crazy (especially while he was up this morning between 2 and 4 a.m.)
*grab his nuk out of his mouth and toss it
*hold his head up for a pretty amazing amount of time
*make his mommy and daddy melt when he is in our arms
*Eat like a mad man (in 2 weeks he put on 1 pound and 6 ounces!!!)
*Sleep like a champ (ummm...except between that 2 to 4 a.m period)
*Poop like it's going out of style
*stick his tongue out
We are having so much fun with him and can't wait to see the changes another month will bring.
In other news, Grant has now caught 2 Musky's this year. I just got a call at about 7:20 a.m. saying that I needed to go out and buy 2 picture frames for inclusion to our fishing pictures shelf. Thanks to my beautiful pink and orange bulldawg, Grant caught a 39-40 inch Musky out at Rush Lake this morning. He has now passed me in fish count (I caught 2 in the Fall of 2006). He has now caught 3. Well, I guess I'd better start thinking hard about joining him on a fishing excursion soon so that I can remedy our fish count!!!
Oh and I just celebrated my 29th birthday last Sunday. 29 years. I really can't believe that's how old I really am. Somedays I feel like I'm still supposed to be in high school...just turning 18 and then reality sets in and I'm 29 years old. So weird. I'm so close to 30 now...WOW. I had a very nice birthday day...spent it with my boys. We drove down to the cities and visited Sonics (yum), then went to the Mall of America and Ikea for a little shopping. Then we hit Checkers restaurant on the way home. On Monday, we had a nice little dinner over at my in-law's house...we had crab legs for dinner which are my favorite!
Well, the baby's up and needing my attention. I guess that's all from me today.

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