Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello July

Wow...where did June go? It seems like only yesterday I was thinking how wonderful being home all summer with Brendan was going to be...and now we are done with 1 full month. Well, what can ya do, that's life.

Brendan is now officially 5 weeks old. He just keeps getting bigger to me everyday (although every time I take him out somewhere everyone says "He's so tiny.") I'm starting to figure out what his crys mean...somewhat...and we are just enjoying our time together. He is totally starting to be a mamma's boy. It could be the fact that he gets his food from me, but I digress.

Not much else to report. Just a little rambling for the First of July!


La- said...

aww... 5 weeks already? WOW! Glad you guys are having such a nice time getting to know each other!


theartsymom said...

Congrats on surviving (and staying sane)the first 5 weeks with a baby-that is a great accomplishment! And hats off for BF your little one, it is so rewarding!
Hugs from Texas