Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been a while since the last time that I published a post...whoops! So, what is up with me...well...It's Halloween today. We are taking Brendan Trick or Treating tonight to a few houses that we were told he needed to make an appearance at. He is going at Darth Vader!!! Isn't that just too awesome??? While most other babies we know are dressing up as puppies or flowers or chickies or something else cutesy...We are dressing him up as a Villian. We ROCK! Then we will come home and hand out some candy...I love Halloween!
Oh and Brendan is now 5 months old. The photos above are some random shots that I have taken over the last couple of weeks. So starting at the bottom and moving to the top...the first picture shows Brendan practicing his motorboat sounds; The next picture out after a great workout in the jumping horse; the next picture, his 5 month photo shoot with mommy; another picture of him completely out after jumping in the horse; and the last photo was taken out at Great-Aunt and Uncle Anderson's Farm where we picked out a pumpkin for carving and got some great pictures with the tractors in the background!
So, at 5 months Brendan...
*babbles and laughs more each day
*has not quite perfected the art of rolling, but is almost there
*gives out the biggest of smiles for his daddy...whenever his daddy is around!
*loves to play with his toys and is really good at picking them up and getting them in his mouth
*figured out how to jump when he plays in his jumping horse and loves it!
*has eaten rice cereal a little bit...finished it all last night, which was a first!
*giggles up a storm when we sing the alphabet song and the Do-Re-Mi song from Sound of Music
*Sleeps through the night for the most part...he's had 3 nights in a row of 8 hour sleeps
*is definately teething right now...runny nose, fussy, constantly biting down hard on his toys and any finger he can get his hand on
*is wearing 6 month, 6-9 months and some 9 month clothing
*wears size 1 shoes and size 3 daipers
*weighed 18 pounds 4 ounces on Friday October 24th
Well, that's it for now...have a great and SAFE Halloween!!!


FamilyBergloff said...

Hi Korey...Cute little guy! I love the middle photo.. Him all gassed out!! Enjoy that little guy! Cousin Carla ;)

{monica} said...

Aww...just look at that sweetness!