Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend! Part 1: State Fair

It has now become tradition for Brendan and I to spend Labor Day weekend at my sister's house while Grant goes up fishing with some friends in Canada. We go to the State Fair on Friday (where we meet up with our parents) and usually hang out with family on Saturday. I will start out by saying the kids play like there is no tomorrow while we stayed this year and it was so much fun to see how much Brendan learned from his cousin Layney in the shart amount of time we were with them. He now eats off of his own plate and he is going down to sleep at bedtime in record time! He also learned how to run down the hallway yelling "Ahhhhhh!"; so cute!

I will start you out with some pictures of our State Fair trip...

Our dueling strollers. Layney is wearing her lovely big blue hat, Brendan is checking her out and Liam is covered up in the back of the stroller!

Brendan listening to Tonic Sol Fa where he greeted many in attendance and did some dancing.

My little man did not stand still for long; he's watching Layney dancing away to Tonic Sol Fa.

My dad playing baby corral-er during Tonic Sol Fa...Brendan wanted to explore the whole area on his own...
Brendan, Layeny and Casey catching up with TC! Go Twins!!!
Well, those are just some of the pictures from the State Fair. Next up will be pictures from our trip to Stillwater's Teddy Bear Park and our family picnic by the river.

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