Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend! Part 3: Stillwater

I love this shot! His cheeks were so red from all of the hard playing he was doing...you know it's hard work running from one play thing to the next!
Grandpa Bill showing Brendan how to play with the sand without throwing it into the air!
Brendan and I on the giant teddy bear right before heading out to enjoy our picnic supper.

Here's the whole gang (well, sans me of course) enjoying the beautiful night in Stillwater. We have my nephew Liam in his stroller, my Mom and Dad, sister Casey, niece Layney, Brother-in-law Brian, his sister Bridget and Brendan.

We saw this hot air balloon we off in the distance when we were setting up our picnic and were completely amazed when we saw it floating just off the top of the river's water 20 minutes after that we sat down to eat. It was HUGE and beautiful!

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