Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend! Part 5: Stillwater

I think this will be the last post for today. These are the pics from Teddy Bear Park where Brendan played his little heart out on all the things to climb and slide down. His mind was completely blown and we will definately be going back to this park soon!

Climbing up the steam boat. He worked so hard pushing and pulling himself up the ramp...then he would have Grandpa Bill pick him up to ring a bell and then he would slide down the slide...over and over and over again.
He was such a big boy sliding down all of these slides by himself...the first time he's really done so!

Wheeeee...I love to slide!

I see you mommy! And I LOVE this place...where should I go next?

Trying out some different ways of sliding...that's my boy!

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Carla said...

OMG he is getting so big, what great pictures!