Monday, January 10, 2011

My Little Buzz

This wonderful costume has been hidden away in B's closet since he was about a month old. I found it at a garage sale and have been dreaming about the day he could wear it. SADLY, that day is is still big on him, but it fits and he had a BLAST zooming around the house with his wings on last night. I asked him if he wanted to wear the costume for Halloween next year and he said "Yeah, Woody last year, Buzz next!"

We're gearing up here to move the Big boy into his Big Boy room. We're just a little over 3 months until the new baby will most likely be here and want to make that transition with plenty of time to adjust. He is very excited and likes to check out his big boy room whenever he can. Right now it is our DVD/CD/whatever else we can squeeze in there Storage room. We're making little baby steps in being able to move that stuff out and put him in the room. We've cleaned up part of the basement in order to figure out what else we need to move around to put the CDs and DVDs downstairs. Next we will move the rest of the stuff around in the basement, move the CDs/DVDs/ETC. downstairs and finally move B's stuff into his new room. It's pretty exciting, but nerve racking at the same time, since he does like to get up and out of his room way too early some days and we usually don't hear him...time to break out the monitor in the kitchen or something!

Well, now I'm going to post pics of the new baby from our Ultrasound we had about a month ago!!! :D

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