Thursday, August 7, 2008

Introducing the Tank!

So, this is Brendan as he is today...all 12 pounds probably 5-10 ounces, maybe even closer to 13 pounds. He's a tank...but oh so cute! He's basically on a schedule of eating every 2 but not more than 3 hours during the day. Luckily at night he sleeps 5-6 hours at a time before getting up to eat.
I am in complete love with this little guy!


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

OMG!! Look how much he has grown, since the last picture I saw of him. I can not how time flies.

He is so cute, Korey!!!!

Leslie said...

Awwww! Look at him! What a cutie!

Cricket said...

look how stinkin' cute he is!!!