Thursday, May 14, 2009

So much fun!!!

It's hard to believe that our Florida vacation is already over. We had a BLAST with the Barcenas family and cannot wait for them to come to Minnesota in June! Here are just a few of the 600 some pictures we took. It's really hard to pick just a few favorites, but I will start here:

Our first morning at Anna and Arturo's house...Brendan and Audriana all ready to go to Chef Mickey's Character breakfast. Grant found them playing together in Audriana's room...So Cute right!!!
It was SOOOOO hot in Florida; high 90's every day. Brendan got to try out a Mickey Ice Cream bar and this was the after shot. He LOVED IT and made a great mess of himself enjoying the ice cream. This was Grandpa Jim's only request of us...Brendan HAD to have a Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

This was us at the Sci Fi Cafe eating lunch on Monday. It was Grant's birthday and we had a wonderful meal here.

Brendan with his buddies Mickey and Minnie. He was so excited when it came time for his turn with them. He made a beeline to them as soon as he could and it was so cute! He loved all the characters; but I think his he favored Mickey, Minnie and Donald :D

This picture was taken during the Spectro Magic parade. All 5 minutes he saw of it! He was clapping and reaching his arms out to the floats one minute and the next he was crying and hysterical, then he fell asleep in my arms. We laid him down in the stroller to catch our bus, slept in my arms throughout the bus ride, stayed sleeping when we put him back in the stroller to walk through the resort, pick up some snacks on our way back to our room, stayed sleeping while I changed his diaper, and finally woke up as soon as I laid him down in his bed. Silly boy! He had a bottle and then was down for the night.
So, there are just a few pics from our fabulous trip! I will hopefully get time to post a few more later, but we do have a busy next couple of days coming we'll see!


La- said...

Looks like you had a great trip!!! Sounds like you are starting B early on the Disney love!!!


Cathy said...

Wonderful pictures!!

Your baby is so sweet!!!

Jessie said...

What a fun trip!

Megan Marie said...

Oh! Glad you had fun on the trip!!!!!!!!!!!! And, there were a few of the videos left at Target back in the workout section by the toys!