Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Crafty

Thanks to a scrapbooking/Facebook friend, I stumbled upon the very addictive world of crafting blogs. Very dangerous, but very fun! Since that time, I have begun to follow a plethora of talented crafty bloggers to get ideas for some really fun crafts. (I'm up to 19 blogs so far with new ones popping up every day...) I've made a few projects for some crafty fun:

Brendan's Tool belt ala Make it and Love it

A Wonderpets Cape ala Sprout Online

Thrift store shirts into...
A girl's spring outfit...I used this tutorial to make the skirt Make it and Love it and took tips from a few different blogs for the fabric flowers on the "broach".

I'm entering this outfit in Family Pathways' Re-purposing Contest! Wish me luck ;D

I have a few more projects that I'm also working on/beginning work on:

1. a Pirate Vest for B...he's so into Pirates right now (thanks to Disney Junior's new show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates")

2. This vest: Make it and Love it - Reversible Vest for B for Easter. I found a women's seer sucker green and white skirt and a white linen shirt at the Shalom Shop (church run thrift store in town) for a grand total of $3 to use for this project. My sister made her son one and liked how it turned out...can't wait to start on mine! I'm also going to make B a bow-tie from this tutorial here: Delia Creates - Li'l Mister Bowtie

3. These hot and cold packs from Just Another Hang up. The Chick-sicle and the Love Bird

Stay tuned for other great ideas from the crafty blog world...I am OBSESSED!!!


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