Tuesday, March 8, 2011

31 Weeks...

I am now 31 weeks along in my second pregnancy. It's too early yet, but I am so ready to be done being pregnant! It feels like I've been pregnant FOREVER this time around for some strange reason. I think it has to do with the fact that I've had gestational diabetes for most of the pregnancy. Watching most all of the things that I put in my mouth...counting the number of carb choices I can have per meal. And I'm SOOOO hungry all the time, I feel like this time around. I have been walking on the treadmill at least 4-5 times a week to help control the GD, but I still need to take insulin before I go to bed at night to help with my "fasting" blood sugar numbers in the morning. Since I am taking insulin, I will be induced at around 38 weeks for sure. Brendan decided to come on his own on the first day of my 36 week...so, I have between 5 to 7 weeks we figure before this baby is born. WHEW I am so not ready!!! ;D

I cannot wait for Brendan to meet his new brother. We have yet to figure out a name of our second bundle of joy, but as B informed me this afternoon "We figure it out at hospital." He's just too smart sometimes! :D On the Brendan front, he is now in his big boy bedroom and the switch has been great. We decided to leave the "nursery" as the "nursery" (a bedroom right across the hall from our room) and to move B to the extra bedroom just down the hall. It took some cleaning and rearranging, but it is done and he loves his new room. We are looking forward to him starting preschool in the fall...got him all signed up and in the morning section we were hoping for at Cambridge. He is so excited and so am I. He will even have a few of his best friends in the same section (hopefully the same class, too!) and us mommies will be able to get a much needed break and "mommy time" on Tues/Thurs this fall.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Korey, just read your blog update. We will be so happy to meet the newest Lindberg when we come back to MN. Happy to hear all is well in our "big blue house". Hi to all love Karyn